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Good Bye Lenin !

In this genius film "Good Bye Lenin ', one of the remarkable films that tell the greatness of human relations in historical times of States. The German director (Wolfgang Becker) tells the story of a German family living in Berlin at the time of the fall of the famous wall and unites East and West Germany. In the film, which had starred (Katrin Sass) in the role of mother, After the father escaped to West Germany, mother found herself responsible for the education of her two children (Danielle Brule as Alex and Maria Simon in the role of Ariana) in the center of this powerful socialist system but also have to declare their allegiance to this the system.

The film begins to display footage of the two children Alex and Ariana  playing in the garden, and other shots for Alex watching (Sigmund Yin) the first German space pioneer in a sign of a sense of pride because of East Germany. Then start the actual events of the film when the mother see her son at the moment of arrest in the demonstrations that leads her to enter in a coma for several months, those months which witness great changes begin with the fall of the Berlin Wall and unity of East and West Germany and the start of the spread of capitalism. The mother suddenly wakes up from the coma in an unstable state and the doctor recommends she not to suffer any trauma that may lead to the deterioration of her health.

Here Alex finds himself compelled to set up a miniature model of the German Democratic Republic in a small apartment does not exceed an area of 79 meters so as not to get his mother surprised by all these changes taking place, a situation which results in many humanitarian situations in the comedy satirical and he made an agreement with the neighbours and all friends that are hidden all these political developments and news and also take part in with his friend to prepare a full television programs talking about East Germany, unlike the programs offered on television, and even he was obliged to look in the garbage for cans and products from East Germany to unload all products and foods from West Germany !

May be the most important thing that the film tries to review indirectly is how intertwined life of the Germans quickly become at this time, especially with regard to invade capitalist ideas and the prevalence of the idea of one nation, during the events of the film and in sporadic scenes influence of football shows the way to express unity through team West Germany, which plays in the world Cup and sits fans all over Germany to watch them play and then the Germans celebrated in East and West Germany winning the world Cup. It also shows the influence of Western products that have affected the lives of people directly where Ariana working in a fast food restaurant and lives with his boyfriend from West Germany, as well as Alex, who works in the installation of televisions that spreads very quickly.

 At the end of events, Alex finds himself obliged to submit the fact of the German unity for his mother in sequential steps, by trying to reacting the memorable moments of the fall of the wall and celebrates of  German unity.