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The significances of Lord of Flies!

Some novels achieve their importance from the time period they cover, or the distinctive historical facts that they discuss, while other novels Become a hallmark of literature for their explanations of human behavior, or predictions over different times.

"Lord of Flies " is one of the novels that fall under the latter argument . Although it was the first novel for" William Golding " and was published in 1954 , and despite its small size, which can lure you into thinking it has no significant content, yet it was the main reason for Golding to win Nobel in 1983.

The novel talks about a group of children who find themselves alone on a deserted island after the crash of their plane. Thus start an attempt to organize themselves to try to live on the island in waiting for escape.

 (Ralph) was elected to be the leader of the children, and chose (Jack) to be commander fisherman responsible for providing food and follow-up of the fire, the group began in an attempt to build huts to live in, and the children agreed to use a snail shell as a loud speaker to talk through during the meetings.

The novel discusses how such figures of innocence, such as children, can gradually shift to show underlying evil if given the opportunity. Events escalate until the separation of children from each other, and the breaking of the snail shell, and killing each other!

Some logic explanation gave a symbolic feature for each child, claiming he represents something: Ralph represents the person who believes in Law, ethics and regulations, and he is a leader chosen be a democratic way.  Contrast to him is Jack who symbolizes love of power, control, and barbarism by seeking to secede from the group and trying to be the leader.

The symbol of ruling authority, and the voice of the people that they can talk through was The Snail shell. It was the first thing that Jack tried to get rid of and its breaking refers to the absence of system. The monster the kids were scared of was referring to the human fears. The fire that Ralph wanted to keep burning represents hope and deliverance the humanity wants.

The silent child "Simon" who suggest to them to choose one person to be the leader and he was the child that he got killed at the story! Some opinions say that he represents Jesus who tried to save people but they killed him or he symbolizes the peaceful people, who always be killed without guilt.

Some opinions also suggest that the novel represents the human conflict between the desire of system and the desire to barbarism, or even a dispute between the conservative right-wing and left-wing. Views may differ more than that vary in interpretations, but in the end agree on the grounds of literature the novel marks characteristic of the twentieth century.